Kenyan Commits Suicide in Düsseldorf: Searching for Next of Kin

Train Zug

A Kenyan man has died in Düsseldorf and the city of Düsseldorf is looking for the next of kin to know the way forward.

A 21 year old Kenyan last week took his life by jumping in front of a moving train in Düsseldorf Benrath. The young man had been undergoing therapy in Düsseldorf when he decided to end his life.

The man has been identified as Philip Gathogo Kariuki, he is believed to be a kikuyu and originally comes from Molo.

He was living in Düsseldorf as an asylum seeker.

It is believed that he has a sister living in Germany. It is said the sister used to live in Essen and moved to Bielefeld, but no one has any information on where she currently lives or how to contact her.

In case you are the said sister, or a relative of the man or know his relatives, you can contact Mr. Wamela, Head of Consular at the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin:

030-259266-0 or 030-259266-11

In case you would like to get in touch with the embassy during after hours or on the weekend, use the emergency number 0170-5653817

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article had identified the man as, Daniel Gathogo or Katogo. This was changed once the correct names were presented.

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