Ebola Alarm Raised Over Kenyan Patient in Luxembourg

Ebola Protective clothing healthcare nurse

A Kenyan patient put doctors at the Zithaklinik in Luxembourg into a panic.

The lady who had gone to hospital feeling unwell had mentioned in passing that she had recently returned from Kenya. She told the doctor she was feeling nauseated before she collapsed.

Frantically, the hospital was evacuated and doctors and nurses in special full body protective suits were called in to treat the “ebola” suspect. The ground on which the lady fell was immediately disinfected and the lady put in isolation.

After a few hours and some tests, it was confirmed the lady had no traces of the ebola virus.

Of course after the results came in it was announced that Kenya was nowhere near the areas affected by the ebola virus and there should be no cause of alarm.

However, Philippe Turk, the Deputy Director of the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman to which the  Zithaklinik belongs said, “Our people did overreact a little, but that’s good, because that has allowed us to test our procedures for Ebola patients. Everything has worked well.”

An African lady in Italy was attacked by a mob in a public bus after someone in the bus announced that she had ebola. Unfortunately, racism doesn’t come with intelligence because those beating her would have known, beating her,  her bleeding and them touching her blood increased their chances of getting ebola than if they had simply avoided her. But this just goes to show they had an ulterior motive in the first place.

Although it is right for countries and institutions to take precaution for themselves and their citizens, it is unfortunate that this ebola scare is being used by some to hide their racial prejudices.

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