Kenyan Misses tz Wiesn-Madl 2013 Title

Pauline Sonnleitner Wanjiku Njoroge

You might know her as the Kenyan lady dating the German ski champion or the Kenyan in a Schlager video or simply as Pauline a very down to earth lovely lady from Munich with a lovely smile. She was recently in a competition to name the Wiesn Madi 2013 in Munich.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the top candidates 🙁 wish we’d known earlier to mobilize votes for her. All the same, we continue to celebrate her and wish her well for any future competitions. You might have missed the title but you remain a “Kenyan Beauty Queen”. We celebrate you Pauline!!!!

Pauline Sonnleitner is 29 years old and has been living in Munich since she moved to Germany a few years back. She’s been dating a former ski champion from Germany turned musician, Frank Wörndl, for the past 3 years.

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