German Government supporting Diaspora run Organizations

Migrants based in Germany who remain engaged in activities in their countries of origin are usually considered to be “avoiding” integrating into the German soceity. But on the contrary such engagements are welcome in the countries of origin.
For many years migrants to Germany have tried to improve the conditions of their countries of origin. Many have gone back through the Rückkehrende Fachkräfte (Returning Professionals) program but for some returning isn’t an option so their form organizations to help develop their countries of origin. They have activities in Germany that aim to help finance or run the projects of the organizations.
These organizations run projects like building schools, financing the education/upkeep of AIDS orphans, improve Energy efficiency and encourage eco-friendly habits. All these remains more or less the same activities aid organizations run in these countries. Germany has decided to exploit this advantage as the diaspora community has better understanding of the living conditions in the area and have more innovative ideas as well have better contact to local partners.
Thus the introduction of Centrum für Internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM) and this is how it works:
The CIM:
  • finances 15 projects run by diasporans annually with atleast €10,000 and at most €40,000
  • Offers interns and local professionals through it’s Returning Professionals program
  • Offers support in further training of the members of the organization
  • May advice on the planning, realization and coordination of the project with local systems
The organization
  • Has to provide a business plan
  • Raises the other 50% required for their project. 10% from the org members and 40% can be from contributions
  • Gives a financial statement every 2months on how the money is used
According to the CIM, though most of the requirements sound too complex for aid organizations, they insist they expect professional standards from the volunteers. So what orgz can apply for this kind of support from CIM?
Organizations have to be:
  • Registered in Germany as non-profit
  • Started, run and represented by migrants
  • Involved in a non profit project that aims to reach the millenium development goals (MDGs) in a third world country
  • Working closely with local partners, who should also be involved in the planning and realization of the project
Interested? Read their flyer: Diaspora Making a Difference Flyer
This is one of the organizations that was part of the event I attended last year Diaspora Building Bridges, read about it here.
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