Update on the Families stranded at Universitätsklinikum Leipzig

Universitätsklinikum Leipzig
There was a story earlier this week on MisterSeed as well as Jambo Newspot about 3 Kenyan families stranded at the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig. Check for the story here. The report offered a cell phone number to contact one of the parents, making it easier to get in touch and verify a few issues.
Well yesterday I got intouch with one of the “coordinators” for Kenyans in Leipzig and he was willing to help out despite being out of town. One of the  kenyan professional translators was willing to help them out especially after reading that the families were struggling with communication due to language difference. On calling the lady to ask about details and figuring out how they can be helped; it was confirmed that all 3 families have absolutely NO communication issues with the doctors or nurses at the hospital. The families are well taken care of but would appreciate to get in touch with Kenyans around the area.
So here is a request to any of you within the area with a few hours to spare especially during this looong weekend to please stop by and say hi to them. They are feeling lonely and this being a foreign land, it’s hard for them to be comfortable especially considering they are spending most of their time at the hospital. Tafadhalini, if you got time, please pass by and just say hello, they’ll deeply appreciate it.
For further details get in touch with Mrs Ndung’u  at 034-186-524-34.
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