The African developpers 2

So I asked you to share your own categories of developpers you’ve met and what you think about them and here are your contributions:

1.Paper Tigers…

they write passionately,and fight with words against the abstract enemy they tackle him with punchlines and conclude with either “aluta continua” or something similar.They live in their posh homes and are regular guest experts on matters of Africa.Group

2.Facebook activists…

they are in middle of the heat posting and commenting on the problems..they check all the time to see if they have enough “likes” on their contribution.But they have no practical attempt to even apply one of the solutions they give.

3.Practical pioneers

is the group of people that say I will do it cuz it needs to be done…if help comes along good if not then I will atleast help 1 or 2.This are the Maathais,Evans wadongo etc.They identify a problem and look for practical solution with the resources available.This solution can later be upgraded to apply on a larger scale.But hatutangoja serikali…hatutangoja donor…na muhimu kabisa….hatutangoja Mungu!!

4.   The  African intellectuals
African intellectuals are the worst examples of developers coz they learn the western ways and try to transfer them one on one to Africa …they are being too idealistic…. they act like tomorrow they will wake up go in and save the whole of africa with their ideologies but all they do is write books and go to talk shows. They never want to get their hands dirty or really think with the people, they want the people to think with them……that’s why we read all those nice articles and famous quotes and think wow! schön wäre es …. we donno that our little success is africa’s big success, tumekaa tuu tunangoja that man in the village to come up with mpesa…or other original ideas and say now that is real success! a mere football club has changed lives in a slum…. and those pictures of hungry children with sweets bringt mir fast zum kötzen…we are not black missionaries for chrissake!

5.R adicals

`radicals`they tend to disagree on everything lol( jokes).Dambisa moyo not only writes books she allows herself to be interviewed on the problem that faces Africa and also gives solutions to them.She adresses the donors and the invertors to stop this aid thing because we all know where the money lands.It has taken years for the african govt to destroy the economy and image of the continent.Inverstors and donors should be encouraged to go to the ground and help establish infrastructure,help bring up businesss etc.If the world bank decides not to give money to the govt or if the doners stop giving aid to the govt.because its the govt.receiving aid here then they will be forced to compete in the international and stock exchange markets with the rest of the world. Kitu inaturudisha nyuma ni the group which always says its all talk,we cannot save the whole continent,und und und.

Group 6:
sit and do nothing, they just watch and wait for someone to make a step and only then they become very active not to help but to put u down. They rebel and call you names…the way u r wasting time and frustrated and actually will achieve nothing.

Group 7:
The ones who think they are the only ones who could do something and change things…thy never accept other ideas, they make decisions and never ready to change them.

Group 8: 
The ones who never say a word but send others to try to change things… they talk less but have big plans but schade NOBODY ever listen to them.
Group 9:
The ones who think they are cursed, everything and everybody is just against them. They are looked down upon and nobody ever care abt them-Laziness.

Group 10:
The reserved ones..they are never open to talk abt anything…they either answer with yes or no and there u can’t tell what is right or wrong…they just float and never give precise decisions

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