Update 2 on Families at Leipzig Heart Center

This is a follow up to the story about the Families that had been reported to be stranded at a Leipzig hospital (if you didn’t read it, check here). I have (inofficially) heard that the ambassador together with his family visited the families.

Officially, I had spoken to one the KCA members from the area to help out and he was willing to gather people and visit them as well. So over the weekend, he passed by the hospital with a couple of people and here is the “report” he sent me afterwards. (If you’re around that area, I still insist, if you have a few hours make time and pass by. They will truly appreciate it)


Dear Mkenya,

I hope you are fine. I have been in touch with the Kenyans who sought treatment at Leipzig’s heart center and according to the information from the hospital, two of the children are nearly ready to be discharged (could be out as from coming Thursday) while the third, Esther Ndungu was said to be fairing well after the operation. At the time I visited them, I saw 5 of the 6 Kenyans. We had to avoid any disturbance to Esther.
They report to have managed well with English and that the nurses have been very supportive. At the beginning, one had allergy to pork products and had serious reactions but once that was sorted out, things have gone just fine. Bread in place of Ugali was also necessitated some adjustments 🙂
The Kenyans have thanked KCA e.V for its concern and the visit.
Attached, are some of the photos taken.
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