There is NO War Between the Kenyan and German Government

Uhuru Kenyatta and Angela Merkel Smiling

According to a statement issued to Mkenya Ujerumani by the Head of Chancery, Mrs. Owino from the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin in reply to the article posted yesterday (Read: The Cold War Between the Kenyan and German government), there is NO war between the Kenyan and German government.

The Embassy official in Berlin, Mrs. Owino, maintained that it was just a coincidence that some of these issues occurred at the same time but they were not related in any way.

The Kenyan Ambassador to Germany, Ken Osinde, is in Nairobi and has been for the last couple of weeks but he was not recalled for redeployment. The Ambassador is currently in Nairobi on official duty and shall return once that is done.

The German Ambassador to Kenya was deployed a while ago and has already reported for duty at the Embassy in Nairobi. Although the Ambassador has not been accredited yet, the Foreign Affairs Ministry had already declared that they would go ahead with the accreditation once the President’s calendar would allow it. The President did not in anyway refuse to accredit the ambassador. It was just a normal delay.

The diaspora business forum was postponed and not cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. The Embassy is still planning to hold the said event and will send out information on the dates of when the event will be held.

The Kenyan government has had a very cordial relationship with their German counterparts, and would not want to jeopardise that due to a misunderstanding. Germany is one of Kenya’s oldest friends, with the Kenyan embassy in Germany having been one of the first set up by the country right after independence in 1964.

As we celebrate 50years of independence, we would like to do it together with friends who have stood by us through that time, and Germany is one such friend.

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