Kenyan That Had Gone Missing in Berlin Found

Edward Odhiambo, a Kenyan that had gone missing early this month in Berlin and was suspected to have been in danger has been found.

Odhiambo that disappeared on 12th July on his way to meet up with friends in Berlin was found twelve days later on 24th July in a small town at the German-Polish town. At the time of being found, Odhiambo had no recollection of what had transpired, how he got there or with him.

“Apparently he got into a fight na hakumbuki [he doesn’t remember] what happened, he was found in a village between DE and Poland. He can’t remember everything only that he couldn’t find his way home after kujipata in another city”, Millie reported.

According to his sister, Millie, who spoke to Mkenya Ujermani, Odhiambo was found on Wednesday night after the police saw him on CCTV footage. Millie was then contacted and asked to go pick him up.

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“The cops saw him in a cctv footage a day before and they called me [to pick him up] the next day”.

At the time of speaking to Millie, Odhiambo was undergoing tests at the doctor’s office.

“He’s doing fine. Bado tunangoja kuskia [We’re still waiting to hear] what the doctor will say, but he’s fine physically.”

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