Kenyan Pickpocket Arrested in Freiburg


Pick pocket man black thief

Ever had your pocket picked in a matatu or train? 

Saturday morning at 2:15am (02:15Uhr), a 20 year old Kenyan man found himself being marched out of a club. The young man was allegedly picking pockets in the club, something he did regularly but had never been caught in the act. He had been banned from visiting the club on the Schnewlinstraße. A ban he didn’t take seriously.

On Saturday, the bouncers at the club arrested the young man then called in the police to pick him up.

The police are looking for witnesses who might have been present to testify for or against the young man. Anyone who has information or was present, you can contact the police in Freiburg at:

Polizeipräsidium Freiburg

Stabsstelle Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Telefon: 0761 / 882-4221


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