German Tourist Attacked by Thugs in Bamburi

hand gun black attack robber thief

A German man, identified as Jean, yesterday found himself in the hands of thugs.

Apparently the thugs hit the taxi Jean was travelling in and when the owner of the taxi stopped to check the level of damage on his taxi, the thugs took the opportunity to hijack Jean and the taxi. Not only did the thugs rob Jean of all his belongings but they also beat him thoroughly. (Albeit a sad situation, the kiswahili narration of “kichapo alichokipata”, I couldn’t help but laugh.)

After they were done, the thugs left Jean and the taxi in a deserted place where the police found it and brought it back to the Bamburi police station.

Jean has been visiting Kenya for the past 5 years and had just returned for a 5month visit.

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