Missing Kenyan Found in NRW Hospital

Kenyan man that had gone missing in Mettmann in North Rhine-Westphalia has been found in a hospital.

Benson Wachira, 34-year old Kenyan man who had gone missing end of last month has been found. Wachira who disappeared shortly after visiting his uncle in Mettmann, had left planning to go look for his backpack that he had lost on his way from work. When he never returned from his search, the family panicked, for such behaviour was unlike him and afraid something might have happened to him, filed a missed person’s report.

A few days ago, Benson was found admitted at a hospital. Apparently, he fell ill as he was walking around looking for his backpack and decided to take himself to hospital. He abandoned his search and by the time he got to hospital, he was readily admitted. Due to the severity of his illness during admission, he was unable to contact his family.

With no identification or cellphone on his person while checking into the hospital, his family could not be contacted nor the police notified.

Earlier this week when he came to and was in a state to identify himself, he contacted his family and informed them his whereabouts. 

“We thank all of you that took time pray for us as a family and to share the announcement on Wachira’s disappearance. We might not be able to thank each one of you personally, but we do appreciate your help”, the family announced.

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