New Laws and Regulations July 2018

Kama Kawa, new month new laws. Here’s what to expect in July


More Transparency in Sperm Donation

From this month on wards, a new registry will be created for the whole country on all sperm donors and recipients. The aim is to ensure that children born out of donated sperm have the chance to find out about their biological origin, if they wish to do so. The data in this registry will however be deleted after 110 years.


New Warning Messages on Pain Killers

From July 1st, over-the-counter painkillers e.g. Aspirin and Ibuprofen will come with a new warning message, encouraging users to stop using them in case of fever or continued pain. “Bei Schmerzen oder Fieber ohne ärztlichen Rat nicht länger anwenden als in der Packungsbeilage vorgegeben!” (Do not continue use for pain or fever for longer than specified in the info leaflet without medical advice!)


Amalgam Tooth Filling Not Recommended for all

Dentists around the country will from this month be forced to stop using Amalgam tooth fillings for children below the age of 15 and for pregnant women. This is because Amalgam was found to contain mercury, which is harmful even in small amounts. As an alternative, it is recommended to use tooth fillings made of plastics. The higher costs incurred will be paid by the statutory health insurance.


More money for retirees

Retirees across Germany can celebrate an increased pension from this month. For the first time the pension will be aligned both in East and West Germany, leading to pensioners across the country receiving the same amount. The alignment will then result in an increase of 3,22% in the west and 3.37% in the east.


New ID cards for pensioners

From July 1st, pensioners will receive a new pensioner card that will allow them to benefit from discounts, such as entry fees to cultural events, bus and train tickets or club membership.


Higher income limits for Widows/Widowers

Widows and widowers who continue to work while receiving window/er’s pension can from this month continue to do so with a higher salary. Previously, widows and widowers were only allowed to earn up to €819 (west) or €783 (east) to continue receiving the pension on behalf of their deceased spouse. However from this month that amount has increased to €845 8 (west) and €810 (east).


Higher orphans Allowance

Orphans will also from this month get a higher allowance that before. The new allowance for orphans will from this month be €179 (west) and €171 (east).


Better Protection for Holiday Makers

Going on vacation and everything just turns into a nightmare? Well, you now have up to 2 years to complain and claim back your money. This will apply to the accommodation, rental car, flight and baggage. It will apply to those that book packages as well as those who put together the vacation for themselves. However, exempt from this are day trips that cost less than €500.


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