Austrian Arrested for Using Racial Slurs Against Kenyan Man

An Austrian man visiting the town of Lindau in Southern Germany, had to spend a night in jail and faced several charges for using racial slurs to insult a Kenyan man.

Last weekend in a McDonalds restaurant in Lindau, a Kenyan man and his family visiting from Switzerland were busy minding their own business when an Austrian man decided to insult him. The insults from the Austrian man who was visiting from Höchst, kept mentioning the man’s dark skin.

The police were called only to find that the man had no identification documents and refused to give his personal details. Furthermore, the man went ahead to abuse the police for taking the “black man’s” side and instead of defending him.

The man was apprehended and taken to the police station in Lindau. The man is facing several charges among them for insulting the Kenyan and and the police.

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