Kenyans from Germany Grace the Mashujaa Day Celebrations with the Deputy President

Kenyans from Germany with the Deputy President Ruto and his wife Rachel
The Deputy President, William Ruto and his wife posing with Kenyans from Germany. Also in the picture is the Head of Chancery, Mrs. Rosemary A. Owino (in red coat) from Berlin.

The Kenyan Embassy in Belgium in cooperation with the embassies in Germany and the Netherlands arranged to have the Deputy President meet with Kenyans in Belgium to celebrate the fourth Mashujaa Day.

Kenyans from Germany were not left behind as they came together and organised a bus to travel to Brussels to show their patriotism. Those who didn’t make it, you were well represented by the  Head of Chancery, Mrs. Rosemary A. Owino, from the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin.

Below some pictures from the Kenyans from Germany (Köln) who were spotted at the event.

Kenyans from Germany posing with the Deputy President and his wife Rachel
Kenyans from Köln posing with the Deputy President and his wife Rachel
Mary Njoki de Caro with William Samoei Ruto
Mama Njoki shaking the deputy president’s hand.
William Ruto and Kimberly Njoroge
William Ruto and Kimberly Njoroge. (Courtesy of The Standard)

Kenyans from Germany in Belgium

Mary Njoki de Caro


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