Kenyan Man Dies in Fatal Head-On Collision in the Gotthard Tunnel

The late Julius Mwanyalo (r.) and images of the car (bottom l.) he was driving at the time of his demise and the truck (top r.) his car collided with

A  head-on collision on Wednesday between a car and a truck in Switzerland’s Gotthard Tunnel has left the  two drivers dead and four people injured.

Wednesday morning at around 9:15 am, 5 kilometers into one of the world’s longest tunnels, a Kenyan man driving a Mitsubishi car with a German number plate crossed the centre line moving towards oncoming traffic for unknown reasons and collided with the truck.

A spokesperson for Uri cantonal police told Swiss media that both drivers died on the spot while the four passengers in the car were rushed to the nearest hospital in a helicopter.

The young man identified as Julius Mwanyalo, a 22 year old Kenyan based in Rheinfelden in Baden-Württemberg, where he lives with his mother. He had recently completed his Ausbildung and was just about to start work.

The tunnel had to be shut down for close to six hours and traffic redirected to the San Bernadino tunnel.

The Swiss authorities require that the body be collected by Tuesday next week and the family is calling to well wishers to support them through this. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Acc Holder: Mary Mwanyero
IBAN: DE13 6001 0070 0519 279704

Or on GoFundMe here.

You can get in touch with Julius’ mother for details on burial and how best to support them via phone on +49 15736671141.

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