Kenyan Suspected of Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend

A Kenyan man has been arrested in Enschede, and accused of the murder of famous salsa dancer from the same city. Police suspect the murder might have resulted from their argument about whether or not to keep the pregnancy.

3pm Sunday 27th August, at the German-Netherlands border, the police were called in to Tubantiastraat in Enschede after a friend had walked in and found Sarah Kohlenberg unconscious in her home. The friend had not heard from Kohlenberg for two days and had gone to check on her. First responders tried to resuscitate her, but it was to no avail. She died at the scene. The police suspected foul play and set out to investigate the matter.

Two days later, the police would make an announcement in the famous TV Show Opsporing Verzocht (Detective’s Request). About five people called in with tips during the broadcast and many others called in afterwards.

A few days later, 48 year old Jayson D. was arrested as a suspect. German newspaper Jourwatch identified the man as a Kenyan while Dutch newspaper Tubatia claimed Jayson D. is of Indonesian origin.

The Telegraaf reports that Sarah was pregnant by Jayson at the time of her death. It’s believed that Sara wanted to keep the pregnancy but Jayson did not. According to Facebook chats seen by the police, Jayson had requested to get an abortion which she had refused. Friends knew about the fight between the two, thus sent the police in Jayson’s direction as soon as they found out about her death.

Sarah, a 40 year old well known salsa dancer, was very well known on the dance circles in Enschede, she had broken up with her salsa teacher boyfriend a few months earlier before taking up with Jayson, friends told the police.

The police reported that Jayson was against Sarah keeping the pregnancy because he had another family, a wife and two kids. It’s unclear whether Sarah was aware of Jayson’s “other” family.

“My client is in restricted custody and therefore I can and will not say anything about it”, Jayson’s lawyer Umut Ural said to the Telegraaf.

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