Getting the Correct Sukuma Wiki (to Plant) in Germany

(l.) Curly Sukuma wiki leaves (Grünkohl/Kale) and (r.) kawaida Sukuma wiki leaves (Futterkohl/Collard Greens)

It’s that time of the year when most of us become “farmers”, and if you’re Kenyan you’re probably planting Sukuma wiki and tomatoes on your balcony or kitchen garden. We figured out where to find unga ya ugali (maize flour) and Omena, so let’s get to the Sukuma wiki.

Image result for kohlrabiblätter
Kohlrabi Leaves

If you’ve tried planting Sukuma wiki, you might have noticed that Grünkohl (kale) seeds tend to produce curly sukuma that looks like broccoli from far and is a nightmare to chop. If you are looking for the Kenyan sukuma with wide leaves, then you should buy Futterkohl (collard greens).

If you have no shamba or no green thumb to grow anything other than a cactus, then:

  • you can get some Kohlrabi (turnip cabbage) leaves at your local supermarket (most supermarkets no longer allow you to just pluck off the leaves, so you might be forced to buy the whole Kohlrabi)
  • you can wait for Fall/autumn when Edeka, Rewe and even some times ALDI and LIDL sell that huge packet of Sukuma for 1,99 euro


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