Kenyan Involved in a Racial Attack in the S-bahn in Potsdam

black man angry

A Kenyan man was attacked in the Straßenbahn 92 in Potsdam and the police are looking for witnesses.

On the night of Saturday, 6th September, a young man made racial remarks and abuses against a Kenyan man who was travelling in the S92. The young man gestured and shouted at the Kenyan.

Two men who heard and saw what was going on, approached the attacker and asked him to stop. However, the young men alighted from the S-Bahn at Reiterweg / Puschkinallee without leaving any details on who they were or how they could be contacted to testify against the attacker.

The police are looking for the young men or possibly anyone else that was in the S-Bahn during the incident. Anyone with information may contact the police in Postdam:

Polizeiinspektion Potsdam

Tel: 0331 5508-1224,

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