Single Room too Small for Family of Four, Court Rules

Self contained room

If you lived in one-roomed apartment before you started a family, you may be required to look for alternative housing as your family expands.

In big cities like Munich where affordable housing is a nightmare, some families might choose to rent a smaller house which fits their budget. However, after a court ruling in Munich, a family of four should NOT rent a one room house.

Mind you one room in Germany isn’t a one bedroom house but what we Kenyans call, self contained or as some call them, the self confused house.

The decision was arrived at following a case where a man was evicted from a 26 sq. m one-room apartment with a kitchenette and basement. The man had lived in the apartment with his wife since 2011.  However,  his family grew when their two children were born in 2010 and 2013.

The verdict has been termed questionable by the Tenants Association,  for its lack of consideration to young children and families. However, the court maintained it a legal prerogative to ensure adequate space for each family member.

According to housing guidelines, a family can only be allowed to live in homes with ten square meters on average for each family member,  meaning for a four member family, the smallest apartment the court allows them to occupy would be at least 40 sq. meters.

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