Kenyan Teen in ICU After Stabbing by Albanian Refugees

Polizei police car

A fight broke out at a refugee shelter in Brandburg on Sunday evening, living a Kenyan fatally injured after being stabbed several times by fellow Albanian refugees. Another refugee from Chad was also injured when he came to defend the Kenyan.

It started as a normal argument at 11 pm on Sunday evening at the refugee shelter in Flämingstraße in Brandenburg. The four Albanians aged between 21 and 25, were shouting at the 18 year old Kenyan. It wasn’t long before the altercation escalated from a shouting match into a fist fight, and shortly after, a knife appeared.

The Kenyan teenager was stabbed several times before a fellow refugee from Chad came to his rescue. The police and an ambulance were called in time to save the young man. The Kenyan was rushed to the municipal Hospital where he had to undergo an emergency operation. He is currently lying in the ICU at the Hospital on the Hochstraße. The 24 year old Chadian had only minor injuries and could be treated on an out patient basis.

Five Albanians were arrested and the Federal Criminal Police are investigating on incident. The suspects could be charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm.

Although, fights in refugee shelters are common in Brandenburg, there has never been any that was this severe. What caused the fight is still unclear and the police were unwilling to reveal what the statements given by the Albanians contained.

The Märkische Allgemeine newspaper, however was not as generous in their reporting as they alluded to drugs being the root of the fight.



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