Toxic Substances Found in Baby Food

Baby tea

Most parents buy organic (Bio) products for their children in an attempt to ensure they feed their children with the very best.

However, time and again, anytime there is a food controversy in Germany, it usually lands in the organic products. One such time is now.

The ZDF Users-magasine ran a test on organic tea drinks for children and most of them contained toxic materials. Four out of the nineteen teas tested, contained Pyrrolizidine alkaloids. The tea by Alnatura and Sonnentor contained the highest amount of of the alkaloids.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids are produced by plants as a defense mechanism against insect herbivores and are damaging to the human liver. Consumption of Pyrrolizidine alkaloids can cause liver cancer or veno-occlusive disease (VOD), a condition in which some of the small veins in the liver are obstructed.

Teas by Rossmann, Nestlé, Hipp and Humana were found to be unaffected by the alkaloids. Sonnentor recalled all their teas after the announcement was made.

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