Are you an Average German?

life cycle from life to death

Do you fit the criteria to be an average German? Check out this list of average German behaviour.

A child begins to understand words at 8 weeks old, they speak their first word at 18months and complete their first sentence at 2 years.

Most start school at 6 years. Smoke their first cigarette at 14,3 years and drink they first alcohol at 15.

Most lose their virginity at 16 and start their Ausbildung at 20. Girls move out of their parents’ home at 22 while the boys move out at 24.

Most graduate at Uni with their first degree at 28.

Single women have their first child at 29, while married ones give birth at 30. The second child is usually born 2 years later.

Most women get married at 30.

The academics get their doctorate at 32,5 years.

The men get married at 33,5.

Most marriages break after 14 years.

The average Federal Chancellor is sworn in at 58 years of age, while the Federal President is 62.

Death creeps in at 74,2 years for the Men and 81,3 for the women.

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