Kenyan Featured on German TV Show

Kenyan on Deutsch Klasse ARD alpha
Carol, the Kenyan on the ARD alpha television show, Deutsch Klasse

Unlike the other shows that have featured Kenyans on German TV, this is a welcome change (Read: Kenyan leaves the Bachelor on the first episodeHow Does a 17 Year Old Kenyan Become a Refugee in Germany?Is this Kenyans’ New Reputation in Germany)

The show features foreigners who are currently attending a German course at the VHS in their area. All of them are nothing like the stereotypes perpetuated about people from those countries. From the German teacher who is always late, to the single Kenyan who falls in love with Argentinian classmate.

The show aims at teaching German as well as helping Germans understand difficulties faced in simple everyday activities by foreigners coming in from countries that do not speak German. Hopefully the show will help people see each other as individuals and less as stereotypes.

The show airs everyday at 1:15pm (13:15Uhr) and 2:15pm (14:15Uhr) on ARD alpha.

You can order the DVD via BR here or watch the episodes below:


Die Lektionen im Überblick

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