The Tribulations of Kenyan Beach Boys: Former Beach Boys from Germany Speak

Maasai with a white bride

Finally the Kenyan media mentions the infamous film on European sugarmamas in Mombasa Paradise Love (Paradies Liebe)film. In a documentary aired by KTN, they discussed the film briefly and showed some footing but if you’re expecting discussions on how demeaning the movie was….not today. So the whole feature gets to talk to beach boys in Lamu both current and past, who discuss their lives running after white women at the Kenyan coast.

In the feature they talk to former beach boys who discuss how their lives changed by getting married to white women who would take them to Europe only to send them back when they (the white women) fell “out of love”. One of the former beach boys points out that he regrets not having had a family, due to the time he wasted with his white sugar-mama.

Surprisingly, current beach boys who have heard these stories don’t relate from their search, with one saying “(he) wants to go see for (himself)”. Also a mother to two former beach boys who’re currently in Europe with their sugar mamas  says she’s proud of her sons because they have bought her a house and she can now afford to buy chewing gum (Big G) and soda. Sadly, she doesn’t know which country they live in nor what kind of lives they live. To her as long as she gets money when she asks for it, what her sons do is none of her business.

I find it sad that one guy says confidently that he plans to come and start a business in Europe, yet he’s not willing to work in Kenya, amazingly he thinks starting a company in Europe is easier than being employed in Kenya. It’s sad that these boys are being warned and they don’t want to hear, apparently even kids in school actually say “when I grow up, I’d like to become a beach boy”….

Anyhu, with all my spoiler, I hope you’ll still enjoy the show. You can also read about other beach boy stories: Kenyan Beach boys share their thoughts on European Sugar Mamas in Mombasa.


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