German Show Featuring Kenyans: “Real Cool Runnings” Flops

Anni Friesinger Real Cool Runnings


Seems the German tv show has bigger problems yet again. The show that is a rendition of the American movie, Cool Runnings, swapped the Jamaicans for Kenyans and turned the whole movie into a reality show. 

The show that was accused of racism after airing their first show, is now facing a new and bigger challenge. Seems their target group is no longer interested in the show as much as it was in the beginning.

During the premier of the show, 1.47 Million tuned in to watch the show which translates to a mere 4,8% of the total tv-viewership. In the target group of 14 to 49 year olds, 890,000 tuned in, this is 7,8% of the total.

Three episodes later, the total viewers have dropped to 1,2 Million but more so the target audience who seem to have boycotted the show at a little over half a million. Apparently, this last Tuesday most of the viewers decided to watch other shows.  “Ich bin ein Star! Holt mich hier raus” had 7,2 Million viewers with a 34,5% market share. The show’s target audience seemed to prefer to watch Dschungelcamp on RTL from 10:15pm with 47,3% of the market share tuning in.

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