Ferrero in Trouble for their White Chocolate Küsschen

Ferrero Deutschland wählt weiss

If you haven’t heard, elections are on this September in Germany and to match with the current campaign atmosphere, Ferrero decided to be creative. A new commercial from this international chocolate brand is causing ripples all over the country with some terming the ad racist.With the motto, “Germany votes white” and the remixed Obama slogan of “Yes we can” to “Yes White Can”, the ad almost sounds like a right extremist group trying to gain votes for the upcoming elections than a chocolate ad. Apart from the slogans, the all white cast in the ad doesn’t help.

Although Ferrero might have been trying to be adventurous with words for their new white chocolate Küsschen (peck), they’ll have to go back to the drawing board if they want to advertise the new product.

Can sweets be racist? For the longest time there has been a discussion on the German Nigger Kiss, with some companies having to rename it but is this taking it too far???

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