Beauty Standards – Define Them to Suit You or Conform to the Set Standards?

Mary S. Teeth

A gap between your teeth has been believed to a sign of many good things (apart from the British who believe it signifies lustful women). According to the wikipedia, a gap between teeth is diagnosed as a disorder or “dental condition” termed, “Diastema”. In many parts of Africa it was believed to signify fertility and wisdom in a woman and was considered to be a sign of beauty, with others even going out to have them created through cosmetic surgery.

In France, they are called “dents du bonheur” (“lucky teeth”, “teeth of happiness”), and in Australia, gapped front teeth in children are said to be a predictor of future wealth.

Anyhu, this Kenyan lady in Bochum got her gap reduced by the dentist and someone was asking what I thought about it. Well, my two cents think everyone is open to do as they wish if they have the money to afford it ama? If changing who you look like will boost your self esteem and confidence why not? But if you think your looks will make more people like you, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

What do you guys think? Should you conform to beauty standards in the country you live in?

For women who come from countries where being hairy is considered sexy. Should they maintain beauty standards from their “origin” or adapt to their “host’s” to fit in? Others will go as far as cosmetic surgery or even bleaching/tanning to look like another race; how sane is that?

This inevitably brings boils down to, what is beauty?

Looking to reading your thoughts on this topic(s).

“In the age of plastic surgery and airbrushed everything, flawless features just make you look more like everyone else. Quit fantasizing about fixing your quirks, because what makes you different is what makes you beautiful.”- Glamour Magazine’s October 2005 issue: “What’s Gorgeous Now: Imperfect Looks” by Stephanie Huszar.

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