Couch Potatoes – Favourite Freetime Activities in Germany

Favourite Freetime Activities


Germans compared to most OECD nationalities have the most free time without a doubt but what they do with their free time is pretty interesting to look at. Although many call them potatoes for their love for potatoes, their favourite past time activity just goes to add a prefix to their nickname to couch potatoes. The favourite activities are:

  1. Watching TV
  2. Making calls from home
  3. Listening to the radio (hehehe, and we thought only the Luhyas like this)
  4. Read the newspaper
  5. Thinking
  6. Hang out with the family
  7. Making calls on the way
  8. Talk about important issues
  9. Hang out with spouses/partners
  10. Sleeping
  11. Pampering oneself
  12. Computer
  13. Emails
  14. Coffee and Cakes dates
  15. Do nothing
  16. Internet
  17. Be spontaneous

What is the difference between computer, internet and emails????

Unfortunately, it seems people have lost their love for taking walks (spazieren gehen) and the coffee and cake dates.

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