TEN CITIES feat. Just A Band and Camp Mulla

Ten cities, two continents, three disciplines: The project TEN CITIES teams up about 50 DJs, producers and musicians from Berlin, Bristol, Johannesburg, Cairo, Kiev, Lagos, Lisbon, Luanda, Nairobi and Naples, enabling them to produce music together and exchange their knowledge about the club scenes in their countries. At the same time, a research project will use the perspective of club cultures to explore and investigate the term of the public sphere: 23 researchers will work on essays and studies about those partly unknown music scenes and their sub cultures; ten photographers will capture the same on an artistic level.

The final result of the project will include: the new tracks compiled in music albums. Results of the research project will lead towards a conference and a publication, which examines the topics public sphere and urban space, telling the history of club music in those ten cities. The photographic documentation will be presented in form of an exhibition in Berlin, accompanied by a final concert.

From 2013 to 2014, the musical collaborations will be presented at live performances twice in all ten participant European and African cities: In 2012/2013 in ten concerts and in 2014 as album launches in the ten cities.The highlight will be a festival of several days in Berlin in 2014 with concerts, exhibitions and panel discussions. Here, the musicians will reconvene to introduce their albums to the Berlin public.

We will run the festival in cooperation with some outstanding event locations in Berlin, which will give the project high visibility in Germany: with the photo gallery C/O Berlin and with club culture venues in Berlin such as the world-famous music club Berghain.

Furthermore, some of the African participants will travel to otherEuropean partner cities, presenting their albums and performing live.

Participating producers and musicians:

  • Diamond Version (Alva Noto & Byetone) (Berlin)
  • Gebrüder Teichmann (Berlin)
  • Jahcoozi (Berlin)
  • Marc Ernestus tbc (Berlin)
  • Robot Koch (Berlin)
  • Pinch (Bristol)
  • Rob Smith (Bristol)
  • TBC (Cairo)
  • Black Coffee (Johannesburg)
  • Okmalumkoolkat (Johannesburg)
  • Dirty Paraffin (Johannesburg)
  • Vakula (Kiev)
  • Dubmasta (Kiev)
  • Pedro/Batida (Lisbon) Octapush (Lisbon)
  • Wura Samba (Lagos)
  • Gboyega Oyedele (Lagos)
  • Djeff (Luanda)
  • DJ Satellite (Luanda)
  • MC Sacer.(dot) (Luanda)
  • Just A Band (Nairobi)
  • Camp Mulla (Nairobi)
  • Marco Messina (Naples)
  • Lucio Aquilina (Naples)
 and many more

The next concert:

May 2013 in Nairobi: 
Die Lissaboner Octapush, Batida and Oren Gerlitz (Jahcoozi) from Berlin meet Just A Band and Camp Mulla from Kenya
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