Kenia Musikprojekt e.V. – Singing to Celebrate Christ and Diversity of Cultures

Kenia Musik Projekt

A group of youths from Kenya and Germany, under the flagship of Kenia Musikprojekt e.V. organize music concerts annually in Eastern Germany to share the good news of Christ and celebrate the diversity of their cultures.

This year is no different and their concerts will be running from 9th July to 21st July. You can read more about the group on their website: Musik Projekt Kenia e.V.

Date Time Venue Town
9.7. 18 Uhr Baptistengemeinde Frankfurt (Oder) Frankfurt (Oder)
10.7. 19 Uhr der St. Michael Kirche Woltersdorf Woltersdorf
12.7. 19 Uhr Zeithain Zeithain
14.7. 17 Uhr ELIM-Gemeinde Dresden Dresden
16.7. 17 Uhr Strausberg Strausberg
18.7. 17 Uhr Regenbogenhaus Grünheide Grünheide
19.7. 17 Uhr Domnotkirche in Fürstenwalde Fürstenwalde
21.7. 18 Uhr Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche Berlin

 You can watch one of their concerts from last year below:

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