Life in Kenya – the contradictions

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This must be the very first show I’m listening to done by non Africans that covers both sides of being Kenyan and living in Kenya. The show was aired on SWR1 a local station so it’s in German.

According to the discussion there are 3 kinds of Kenyan kids:

  • Those from rich families who have longer wish lists for Christmas than those in Europe and who most likely will fly to Dubai or some other country to enjoy the festivities.
  • The second are the usual kids who live like those in Europe, similar issues but nothing out of the ordinary.
  • The last group are those that live in constant fear for their lives because if they don’t die from hunger, outdated traditions then from attacks during tribal wars.

They also recognize there’s a huge difference between children living in Nairobi, the metropolitan city and those that live in the rural areas. Those in Nairobi also differ depending on where they live because those in the upmarket areas don’t have the same problems as those in slums.

Whoever came up with the term Nairobbery….alitutenda, that is one thing that always comes up at all interviews. Apparently Nairobi is the most dangerous city in Africa??? Really.

The interviewee, Antja Diekhans also discusses about the tension between tribes and also between the rich and poor.

Listen to the discussion here: Jugend in Kenia

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