Corpse of Kenyan Asylumseeker found

The corpse of a young Kenyan man was found by an old lady in Althüttendorf in Barmin, Brandenburg on Saturday at 12:45 on a weekend property. The 28 year old Kenyan lived in a Asylbewerberheim in the same town. Apparently the young man had gone missing before his corpse was found.

The police could not identify any signs of foul play in the murder but would be investigating further to find out what caused the death. A post mortem was planned for the 12th of December to identify the exact cause of death.

The police spokesman, Stefan Möhwald, did announce that the postmortem revealed that the man died of hypothermia – condition where body temperature drops below required temperature for metabolism and bodily functions to occur.

The Landrat Bodo Ihrke was quite disturbed by the death of the young man and promised to get in touch with his family in Kenya to pass on their regards as well as offer their support.

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