Empowering women through Scripture


During the last Ladies’ Breakfast for the year, Alison Edwards was the speaker for the day and she shared a message on Empowering Women through Scripture. The message was quite informative as it gives you insight in a lot of stories in the bible and it demystifies some of the scriptures that people tend to quote without understanding the background. From the whole message, I learnt that it’s very important to know the background of the books of the bible:

  • Who wrote the book – understand the writer
  • Who was the book/letter written to? – understand the recipient
  • When was the book written – understand the times
  • Where was the book written – understand the setting

From this message, I came to learn though some people read the bible they will never really understand the message clearly because they don’t understand the background behind some of these scriptures. We tend to read the bible like a billboard instead of like a real book which needs to be analysed the same way we analysed literature books in high school. Analysing what you read in the bible will give you a clearer message of what message was intended and not necessarily what was exactly said.


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