Failing your way to Success

If you have followed this blog you must know that I’m a Prosperity and Success preacher of some sort. I don’t care if you went to school or not, I believe you can prosper and succeed in anything and everything you put your mind to.
One thing I’ve noticed though is that Kenyans are some sort of perfectionists, all over Africa you never meet any other group that follows perfection as much as Kenyans. We laugh ourselves silly at people who “shrub”, for us it is funny that someone can’t differentiate R from L, or CH from SH or S from SH…..we die laughing at them. You come to countries like Germany or France and you realise the Kenyans madness for perfection, as they try to speak these new languages as well if not better than the natives.
Although this may be a good thing sometimes it tends to pull us down. Most of us will avoid getting into the tough German working market because we don’t believe we’re good enough. Our craving for perfection has made many of us lack confidence. If you compare a Nigerian to a Kenyan for example, you’ll notice a Nigerian will tend to defend their ideas and positions even if they speak terrible German with more confidence but a Kenyan, will be more timid as they are too busy making sure their verbs, prepositions and articles are organized that they forget what they were to defend.

IMHO, many Africans and at that Kenyans don’t do odd jobs because that is the best they can get but because they aren’t confident enough in their own competence. If you listen to most Germans or even French speak English even those who live in English speaking countries, they don’t bend backwards to sound English. As long as you can understand what they are talking about, their accent isn’t something they try to hide. This revelation helped me a lot. You don’t have to speak perfect German to be successful in Germany, you can never speak it as a German (not unless you attend those pronounciation classes….which I doubt you have time or interest for). Sometimes Germans do pretend they don’t understand you because you said Muller instead of Müller….but hey, do you hear them attending classes to be able to say “think” instead of “sink” or “we” instead of “ve”?? No, because there’s more to life than being perfect.
So what is the point of this loooooong intro that has turned into an article? You are good enough just as you are, if you can understand what people are talking about and you can be understood, that’s all you need, don’t kill yourself trying to sound like them, because most probably you won’t. You can only appreciate success, if you’ve tasted failure. Though many people think you either fail or succeed, I believe you have to fail to succeed. It’s not a crossroad, it’s not either or. You can succeed despite failing.
Haya, this “short” intro was for this video I wanted to share with you guys….enjoy….

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