Changing your mentality, Change your Reality

As I was growing up in Eastleigh, I always wondered how come the No.9 and 6 matatus (minibuses) drove in opposite directions but all ended up in the city centre. My small brain could not understand at the time that just like there are many roads that lead to the same place; in life there are many solutions to the same problem and sometimes these solutions look completely opposite.

Years later, I have left Eastleigh and travelled the world and I still encounter many people that can not accept that 2 buses driving in opposite directions can end up at the same place in about the same time let alone a problem can be solved using different solutions.

I was recently reading Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert Kiyosaki and he spoke endlessly about change of ones reality; in the movie “Secret” they talk about using the power of attraction and your mind while in the bible they talk about two heads being better than one and words becoming flesh. The bible is known to demand faith from believers of Christ, and the definition of faith is calling those that are not as though they were. In traditional African religion and culture it was usually forbidden to say “bad” or negative things and in some tribes, one was demanded to spit the saliva to avoid that from coming to pass. As I grew up, my grandmother would warn me from thinking about such “bad” things when I tended towards the negative.

Regardless of what you call it or what you believe, it is clear that your words and your thoughts have the power to change your present and even your future. Are you stuck in a position that you only see the negative in everything? Are you the kind of pessimist that sees the negative even the things that “normal” human beings find positive? It’s time to stop and enjoy life. You would rather be neutral than negative. If you got nothing good to think about then just leave your mind blank. Every single negative thing that you think and rethink, tends to manifest itself in your life.

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