Elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel

Here is a post on all you need to know about the new Electronic Residence Title that was introduced in September 2011. From what is it, how to apply for one to what to do when it gets lost.

The new Aufenthaltstitel:
1. Replaces the sticker in your passport
2. Is a document on its own, you no longer need your passport to identify yourself (within the EU)
3. Is a standardized European form of identification for third-state nationals
4. Contains a chip that stores your picture plus 2 finger prints and your signature, making unique and avoids misuse
5. Can be used as an online ID, to identify yourself when registering or shopping online
6. The signature stored on the chip can be used to sign digital document
7. Contains a 6 digit access code that should be entered when you enter your PIN wrongly twice when using the online identification function
8. Though the Title isn’t issued on the passport like the old stickers, it can only be issued if your passport is valid.
9. Takes 6-8weeks to be issue
10. Comes with a PIN that you need for online identification functions.
11. If lost should be reported immediately at the Foreigner’s office in your area or by calling
0180-1 33 33 33 (Mon- Sun from 0 to 24 Uhr, can also be called from abroad
12. To use the online ID and signature functions you need to buy a card reader and dowload the necessary software
13. It costs from €0 to €135 this will depend on your status, the State you are in and they type of Title you get.
The old Titles are valid until 31.08.2021
For more information visit:
The Electronic Residence Title
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