Naija Tubbieland


I bet most of you have watched/heard about the original Teletubbies, they don’t talk much but it’s quite popular with kids and those that are still kids at heart. So here is a Nigerian version called the Naija Tubbieland. I found this hilarious.

For those that missed the joke, D’Banj one of the major celebs in Naija did this song called Oliver Twist (There’s also a remix done with Estelle) and there was a dance challenge on youtube where people were asked to dance to the song, record it and upload it to youtube. Just search Oliver Twist D’Banj on youtube and watch some of those videos. Africans are too creative.

WARNING: Only search for those vidz if you have a sense of humor.

In one of those vidz, a group was dancing somewhere on the road then on the clip you can see a policeman….lol…they were caught and charged N20 and as always, the party continued…….

Have a great week people.

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