Swiss Family Searching for Answers to Kenyan Father’s Mysterious Death

The deceased Abu Bakari and his wife, Astrid, during happier times.

A Swiss family from Winterthur is seeking answers to the mysterious death of their father in Kenya.

Early August, the Bakari family from Winterthur received shocking news from Kenya, their father, who had moved back to Watamu after his retirement early this year, was dead. However, the many versions of what had caused his death raised more questions than answers. Abu Bakari seems to have drowned but what led to it is unclear.

“One version claimed that he was carried away by the tide, another claimed he was trying to rescue a friend that was drowning, while yet another claims that he broke a toe at the beach”, Astrid Bakari, his wife told ZüriNews.

Abu Bakari’s wife and daughters trying to find answers to his untimely death.

Abu’s family suspect foul play in his sudden demise. Abu was fit and healthy a few days before the incident and had even spoken to his family.

His wife suspects the death is connected to Abu’s pension payout that he had had sent to Watamu. According to what she told Zürinews, Abu had received a payout of one hundred sixty five thousand Swiss Francs to which he gave a poor relative the full power of attorney.

The three daughters have sworn to get to the bottom of this. They have made contact with their father’s acquaintance to help with translations.

Abu Bakari, a Kenyan from Watamu had lived in Winterthur for over 35 years and worked for the Parks, Gardens and Open Spaces Department of the city of Winterthur (Stadtgärtnerei). In January, he retired and went back home, only to pass on less than nine months later.

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