Kenyan Lady Yet to be Buried 4 Months After her Death in Cologne


A Kenyan lady who passed away in Cologne late last year, is yet to be buried close to 4months after her death.

Jacqueline (Jacky) Shusta’s body continues to lie in a funeral home in Cologne, close to 100 days since her death.

Jacky who passed away on the 19th of December at the University Hospital of Cologne after several days in a coma, was to be buried shortly afterwards. However, the burial date has been long coming.

By the time Mkenya ran the story in December (READ: Kenyan Lady passes away in Cologne), there were mentions of the date having been already set by the funeral home, with the authorities ready to go ahead with the burial.

By January 12th when Mkenya reshared the story, these reports were refuted and a close friend, Stephanie Assenmacher, who was in touch with the authorities, informed the Kenyans that no date had been set. The Kenyan groups in the Dom city continued to collect funds for the burial as they awaited the date to come from the officials, which is still yet to be given.

Reports reaching Mkenya confirm that Jacky is still yet to be buried. The police in the city have put a hold to Jacky’s burial as they investigate her death. The police had their suspicion awoken following the unfolding of a different case.

The police are working to ensure they are 100% that Jacky’s death had no relation to the other case before they give a go ahead for the burial. Quite a commendable move on their part.

Hopefully the Kenyan community will let the process run its course without trying to rush the burial. It’s definitely better to delay the burial and be sure of what killed her, rather than hurry it up, only to find out there was foul play but no evidence.

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