Missing Kenyan Teen Found Dead in Potsdam

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Kenyan teenager, Britney from Drewitz in Brandenburg that had gone missing on Tuesday, has been found dead. Mayor of Potsdam comes out to grieve with the family.

Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm, a man who had gone fishing along the Havel, called in the police claiming to have seen a female body floating in the water around the Neue Fahrt. A few metres from where Britney’s handbag and personal belongings were found on Wednesday morning and where the police and coast guard searched for two days.

By the time the Fire Brigade arrived at the scene, the body had been caught by a bollard and they were able to put it into a boat. An emergency doctor called in, could only confirm that the death. At 4:30 pm, it was confirmed that the body belonged to Britney. 

“The girl still wore the clothes she was reported missing in, blue jeans and a white T-shirt, and she still had her cell phone with her. Her monthly train ticket was still in her pocket,” Reinhold Hüpkes – the coordinator of the first responders told the press after the rescue operation.

After seeing the corpse, the police suspect that Britney might have been dead in the water since last Tuesday when she went missing. The Federal Crime Police have initiated investigations into the death, there is currently no suspicion of foul play. However, a final confirmation shall be made once the investigations and the autopsy are completed.

Potsdam’s Mayor Mike Schubert responded with great sadness to the news of Britney’s death: “All of us in Potsdam are dismayed by the death of the young student. It is awful and sad when a young girl in our midst dies unexpectedly. It is unfortunate that our hope in finding her live has not been fulfilled. We pass our condolences to and mourn with her mom, her family and her friends.”

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A trauma counselor was sent to inform Britney’s mother of the news of her passing.

According to first police press release, Britney had gotten into an argument with her mother and left their home on Tuesday evening at 10 pm. However, on Tuesday morning it was discovered that some information might have gotten lost in translation when the police interviewed Britney’s mother. Using a translator on Tuesday morning, it was discovered that Britney actually left home on Tuesday afternoon at 1 pm. The argument with her mother had taken place on Monday evening.

When the police spokesperson at the press conference was asked by reporters from PNN, whether it was possible that the police had missed out important information and lost valuable time in finding Britney by carrying out the first interview with her mother without a translator, they ignored and did not answer the question

On the day of her disappearance, Britney was seen alighting from a tram at the Potsdam Central Station at 1:28 pm. At 1:37 pm, she was seen meeting up with a friend around the Tram stop on Friedrich-Engels-Strasse, then she walked into the train station, where she was last seen.

According to PNN, Britney was “online” for the last time on the day of her disappearance at 1.50 pm, i.e. when she was last active on WhatsApp.

According to the police, a witness mentioned to have seen her at 2.30 pm with two girls in the lobby of the Potsdam Central Station where they were taking pictures. One of the girls she was taking pictures with, who is of African descent, has not been been reachable for comment. 

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