Kenyan Street Performer Accused of Raping 15 Year Old Austrian Tourist

A Kenyan street performer in Berlin was this week in court to respond to accusations of drugging and sexually abusing a teenager from Austria, who had come to the capital city to visit her dad.

The story begins on 10th February 2014 when Peter W., a Kenyan musician, acrobat and performer in the German capital, met up with the then 15 year old Austrian girl at the RAW building along Warschauer Strasse in Friedrichshain.

Peter is accused to have approached the teen and offered her a joint. He is said to have coerced the young tourist by singing “smoke weed everyday” to her. He got her to smoke on her joint, before allegedly persuading her to follow him home, where he is accused to have raped her.

“People who pass by the Warschauer strasse know me. I have been singing and entertaining people on that street for 20 years”, Peter told the Landgericht in Berlin. “I’m very careful about that. My daughter is around the same age. I would never have sex with a fifteen-year-old. I can have women who are old enough”.

When the girl returned home in Austria, she reported the rape. Peter’s fingerprints were found on the girl’s blouse, while some other traces of his DNA were found on her jeans.

It was not until September 2016 was Peter arrested. He is said to have gotten into an accident in 2015, which put him in a coma, losing part of his memory. He claims he does not remember the incident with the Austrian tourist.

“If a pretty girl is old enough, you can have an affair. We go to my place or to hers. I do not remember this girl. I did not do anything to her.”

But how would Peter explain the DNA and fingerprints? “I have lots of fans, they hug me, they take pictures and some out my autograph. We musicians also exchange clothes.”

Peter denied the charges and the court process continues on 28th February, while the ruling is expected on 8th March.

The now 18 year old lady was also present for the process, but chose to follow the proceedings from a separate room, where she also gave her testimonial via voice recording.

Born in Nairobi, 38 year old Peter W. is a well known performer in Berlin. Together with his Street-Art band, he was a regular performer at the “Badehaus” and “Cassiopeia” clubs. He has been a street performer and acrobat for more than 20 years.

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