Kenyan Caught in a Fight Using Pepperspray

From Getthedefende
Photo Illustration: Getthedefender

Sunday evening in Forst, found a Kenyan man get into trouble to getting into a fight and attacking his opponent with pepper spray.

8pm as the bus was on its way to the Rasthof Ost stop in Forst, a verbal dispute ensued between two men: a 21 year old Afghani and a 33 year old Kenyan. The dispute seemed to escalate pretty fast and it wasn’t long before the Kenyan unleashed his pepper spray gun. The Kenyan hit the Afghani before spraying him with the pepper. Surprisingly, when the bus got to the bus stop, both got off and escaped albeit separately.

Police were called in and they had to find both the victim and the attacker. The victim was a refugees living at the camp in Forst while the Kenyan was found to reside in Waghäusel. Investigations later showed that both had been drunk at the time of the incident. The pepper spray gun was confiscated from the Kenyan.

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