Kenyan Stabbed in the Neck During an Argument in Potsdam

Polizei police car

A Kenyan man in Potsdam is recovering after an argument led to him getting stabbed in the neck.

Early Sunday morning at around 4am, the 26 year old Kenyan guy was out with a friend when they got into an argument with a group they encountered.

The argument escalated and the Kenyan was stabbed in the neck. The attacker and his colleagues escaped while the victim was rushed to hospital, where he was treated and sent home to recover.

The police spokesman on Sunday morning said they were planning to question the victim and his friend to find out more on the attacker. Interestingly however is the fact that the police denied any allegations of a racial attack despite having not spoken to the victim.

What had caused the argument or who the attacker and his friends were is still unclear. Investigations on the case continue.

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