Kenyan Coffee Wins Gold at the 8th Tasting German Roasters Guild 2016

ruth muthoni schneidewind kedovo chania coffee
Muthoni Schneidewind of Chania Coffee posing with Reinhold of Telgter Coffee. On the right, the certificate awarded.

Kenyan social entrepreneur, Muthoni Schneidewind of Chania Coffee is still at it, putting Kenyan coffee on the German map. This time, it was Ndurutu coffee that won the gold medal at the tasting competition.

The results of the 8th tasting competition of the German Roasters Guild 2016, saw our own Ndurutu Coffee roasted by Reinhold of Telgter Coffee from Telgte win a Gold Medal.

Ndurutu Coffee was among other entries in a competition held in Münster early this year. The coffee tasting competition brings together the best baristas in the coffee industry in Germany. During the competition, 18 jurors evaluated results from the Espresso and Filter categories of coffee.

The coffees were evaluated for their aroma, body, purity, acidity, sweetness, bitterness, aftertaste, and harmony. The Espresso category had an extra element – crema (a milky smoothness that gives the coffee it’s luscious taste) as an extra for element.

Out of these, 45 Espresso were awarded gold, while 21 got silver. While the filter category yielded better results with 52 of its coffees scooped gold, while 19 got  silver.

According to Markus Engel of the Angel’s Coffee Roasting in Neuwied, the Espresso extraction marathon was successful despite a few disputes in some parts of southern Germany.

The tasting competition was organized by three cooperative Brita, BWT AG and Mahlkönig.

Muthoni Schneidewind is a social entrepreneur based in Kaltenkirchen in Germany from where she coordinates projects within her community back home in Nyeri. In Nyeri she works with coffee farmers to produce ecological coffee, which she ensures is sold directly to German roasters without middlemen. To read more about her activities check features we’ve done on her: Social Entrepreneur Creating Brand Awareness For Kenyan CoffeeChristmas With a Mission: Kenyan from Hamburg Transforming Communities or check her website and blog.

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