Kenyan Asylum Seeker Calls Police After Being Attacked, Ends Up Being Arrested

Polizei Bayern Bavaria

A Kenyan asylum seeker in Bavaria is regretting calling the police after a fight broke out in an asylum home.

Early Saturday morning, the police in Mainburg received a call, requesting they go to an asylum home in Kelheim where a fight had broken out. Allegedly, the 34 year old Kenyan man had been attacked by a 24-year old Somali man and insulted by two other people living the same home.

When the police arrived, everyone was tight lipped about what actually happened, apart from the Kenyan man who instead chose to become violent. When requested to calm down and go to his room, he took to trying to attack the police and even insulting one of the female police officers.

He was then arrested and charged with resisting arrest and insulting a law enforcer. The man was intoxicated at the time of his arrest.

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