German Takes to Facebook to Accuse Kenyan Wife of Theft

Pleschke Heinz-Georg
Pleschke Heinz-Georg and his young wife on their wedding day

A 65 year old German man has taken to Facebook to air his relationship’s dirty linen. The man identified as Pleschke Heinz-Georg denounced his Kenyan wife and accused her of stealing his car and a million Kenya Shillings before going into hiding.

The couple met in 2007 in Mombasa and dated for four years before the lady requested for a more serious set-up.  Pleschke gave in and they got married in 2011.

“I told her am too old to marry her; but she told me age is just but a number. She wanted something more meaningful out of the relationship, so I agreed to marry her in 2011. We have now been together for eight years – four dating, four in marriage”, Pleschke shared.

With his retirement coming up, Pleschke and the new wife continued with their long distance relationship with the promise that he continued to finance her and that he would relocate to Kenya after he retired from his job.

“All through I made sure I supported her financially and she lacked nothing. I would also make sure I visited her in Kenya from Germany two times a year; in June and December. I made sure she is living well – I booked her an apartment in Ukunda, opened her salon business, which I came to understand she closed down, sold it for small money and used the funds to finance her hefty lifestyle. I also told her I know she misses me, but asked her to be patient till I retire in 2013, and then I would come and live with her in Kenya forever. Perhaps buy a plot, make a home and be in each other’s arms.”

In June 2015, after selling his home and in Germany, he relocated to Kenya. However, it wasn’t long before there was trouble in paradise with some of the lady’s friends whispering to Pleschke that she was being unfaithful to him. “Some of her friends reported to me these things, but I had no evidence. I had to trust her – she was my wife. Some of them even told me she is sleeping around.”

Pleschke’s famous Facebook post that got the world talking.

An incident that took place earlier this year in July was to be the straw that broke the horse’s back.

“On Friday, July 17th, I withdrew a million shillings from the bank. She’d been nagging me to buy her a car, so we agreed we’ll use the money to purchase one on Monday, July 20th. I however asked her to keep the money safe in the wardrobe – just to see if I could trust her.”

On Saturday, July 18th, the couple visited a restaurant, and Pleschke says she asked him for permission to use his car to visit a friend.

“She’d promised she’d come pick me after two hours. The period elapsed, and several hours later I still did not see her. I tried calling her but her cell phone was switched off. I got worried and reported the matter to police.”

“I then proceeded home; only to be shocked to find her belonging plus the million she’d kept in the wardrobe missing.”

Pleschke then contacted the police who were unable to trace his wife. Her friends however, informed him that she had eloped with another man from Mombasa.

On contacting her on Facebook, his wife was unapologetic writing,  ‘I spent eight years of my young life with you. I just took Sh1 million and you are complaining! I needed the car too to start a new life.

Pleschke however mentioned that a mutual friend had told him that his wife was willing to come back if he forgave her. An offer Pleschke isn’t even willing to consider, “I have moved on; I just want a divorce!”

The wife’s response to the whole drama:  “If I was to tell you anything, you would write a book; but I don’t want drama. If he has anything, let him go to court.”

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