Kenyan Replies to German Husband’s Accusations

Eva Karwitha
Eva Karwitha, the estranged wife to Pleschke, a German national that took to Facebook to accuse her of theft.

The Kenyan woman accused on Facebook by her German husband of theft, has come out to share her side of the story. The 26 year old, Eva Karwitha has come out guns blazing with her own set of accusations, accusing her 65 year old husband, Pleschke Heinz-Georg of mistreating and tormenting her through their eight year long relationship.

Eva revealed that she met Pleschke in a pub in 2007 in Ukunda when she was only 18 years old, when a friend offered to take her out to a club for the first time.

“My friends had offered to take me out to a club – I had never been in a club before. That evening Georg approached me and asked if I could go home with him that night,” she said.

The now 26 year old, reveals that Pleschke asked her to move in with him, the next day after they had met and she agreed, beginning a long journey of romance and cruelty.

After two weeks of a sizzling romance, Pleschke had to return to Germany but promised to return in three months. “When he came back, I took him to see my parents in Meru before he left for Germany again.”

However, it was only after a year when Pleschke cut off communication and disappeared with no trace. He resurfaced a year later via text requesting to be picked up at the airport. With no objections, Eva picked him and they reconciled.

This then became a regular occurrence with Pleschke cutting of communication months on end then reappearing and picking it from where they left off.





“He did this because he knew I was poor and could not do anything,” she said.

But instead of cutting her losses, Eva decided she would only keep up with Pleschke if he married her. In February 2011, Pleschke showed up bearing gifts that included a wedding dress and they decided to get married. Although, Eva had set it as an ultimatum, she was hesitate at the short notice but decided to go ahead with it anyways.

Then came the revelation that Pleschke had married another Kenyan woman and moved with her to Germany. Eva accused Pleschke of divorcing the lady only a year after their marriage then getting her put behind bars here in Germany. Eva went ahead to say the lady was later helped by an organisation, but later disappeared. An accusation, Pleschke denied and in turn accused the ex-wife of having married him to get a residence permit, and after getting it, deciding to get the divorce a year after the wedding. Being asked the whereabout of his ex-wife, he said he didn’t keep in touch when the relationship ended.



“In 2013 he came and told me he had retired and that he was ready to live with me,” she said.

What should have marked the beginning of their happily ever after marked the genesis of her problems as Eva says her husband started ‘behaving weird’.

The first time her husband allegedly beat her was after he saw her sending money to her mother and got furious, saying he did not marry the whole tribe. She reported the incident to Diani Police Station but no action was taken.

In June 2013, Eva discovered she was pregnant and informed her husband who promised to jet into the country in October of that year. She went into labour in January 2014 and delivered a baby boy via cesarean section.

“When I woke up, my husband was seated next to my bed, but I could not see the baby.”

Her voice shook as she narrated how her husband informed her and the doctor confirmed that she had a stillbirth,

“I asked him where the newborn was, and he told me the baby had passed away.”

The new mother grew suspicious after her husband and the hospital declined to show her the baby, instead insisting that they would show her the next day. Eva narrated that the body she was shown could not possibly be that of her baby as it was older than a few hours. As fate would have it, their marriage could not survive the incident and the couple split in February 2014.

In an effort to save her marriage, Eva met with Pleschke severally and was badly assaulted a few times.

One time, she was beaten to a pulp for questioning why her husband was entertaining another woman in a hotel room. She added that when she reported to the police, she was instead arrested and detained for it yet no action was taken on Heinz. Pleschke later left for Germany and stayed there for six months.

When he returned, the couple reconciled with Pleschke asking Eva to sell her household property and move into an apartment with him. He then promised to upgrade her car so he withdrew a million shillings over a period of ten days for that purpose and gave it to her.

The peace in her marriage was however, not going to last as a misunderstanding in their home led to a bitter quarrel.

“He beat me up and told me he can kill me and take his suit cases to the airport and nobody – not my family, not my government would trace him.”

Eva narrated that she used her date as an opportunity to get back to the house, take the money, her car and escape. She she later communicated with Pleschke via Facebook.

“I reached him on Facebook. He pleaded with me to get back with him, but I told him I am not ready to be enslaved. We can only go to court and get a divorce.”

Eva refuted claims that she stole her estranged husband’s money and a car, saying she only took property, which was rightfully hers and ran away.

About the salon Pleschke claimed he’d opened for her, Eva says it is he who asked her to close it down.

“In 2013 when he had just retired, he gave me capital to start a business since I was tired of doing nothing at home. It was working very well. He however started complaining that I wasn’t giving him enough time, and that I had to choose between him and the job. I chose him.”

The mother of one is currently in hiding, fearing for her life.

“I am not even in Mombasa as he claims. I cannot reveal where I am because that man is not a good man.”

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