Deutsche Welle and Standard Group Media Launch “Local Heros” Journalism Competition

Local Heros Competition Deutsche Welle DW Standard

Standard media group in collaboration with Deutsche Welle (DW) have launched a journalism competition that will see the winner get an opportunity to do internship at Deutsche Welle in Germany.

The media competition is open to all Kenyan professional journalists and student journalists. Participants are required to give stories of their local heroes. It can be a teacher who helps you learn, a leader who makes the neighborhood a better place to live, the heroic activist or the courageous artist. Local heroes are everywhere – but their work can go unrecognized. DW and Standard Group want the participants to introduce Kenya’s remarkable local heroes to the world.


1. Who can enter?

  • Participants can be professional or student journalists over 18 years, based in Kenya.
  • Professional journalists must apply with a scan of their degree certificate (including degree certificate number) or their official and valid press card.
  • Student journalists must apply with an official recommendation letter from their university or their official and valid student card.
  • The competition language is English.
  • Deutsche Welle employees cannot participate in the competition.


2. What kind of work can be submitted?

  • The competition will accept three journalistic mediums ( TV, radio and print):
    • Video (3 min. and 80 MB maximum, accepted formats: mpg, mp4, mpeg, mov, avi, wmv, flv)
    • Audio (3 min. and 80 MBmaximum, accepted formats: mp3, mp2, mpg, snd, ogg, wav, muf, wma)
    • Photo reports (10 photos and a half-page of text maximum, the photo files should be in high resolution, at least 300 dpi and 1024 x 576 pixels. Accepted formats: .jpg and .png photo formats.
    • All audio-, video-, photo- and text-files submitted for the competition must be a product of your own work!
  • Submitted files should be named as follows :
    • VIDEO-FILE_title of your submission_your name
    • AUDIO-FILE_title of your submission_your name
    • PHOTO-FILE_title of your submission_your name
  • Your entry must address the theme of the campaign : Local heroes from Kenya; it cannot be fictional but needs to be a real story, easily verifiable.
  • You can only submit one entry.
  • You cannot submit any work that has been published or broadcast by Deutsche Welle.

3. How does a participant submit a entry?

  • A participant can submit a entry via e-mail to the following address:
  • If files are too large, please send them via Wetransfer ( to the same address.
  • In both cases: the participant must send all documents in one Zip-folder. The folder must contain:
    • 1.) your submission,
    • 2.) the above mentioned certificates regarding your profession and studies
    • 3.) your Curriculum Vitae (CV) Submission deadline: June 14, 2015.
  • Please note:the awards will not accept any entries arriving after this date.
  • We cannot accept incomplete entries or entries which do not fit in the above mentioned specifications.
  • Submitted material will not be returned regardless of its format. DW or STG also reserve the right to use, present or publish any of the entries.
  • By participating you declare that you accept these terms and conditions.

4. How are the best entries selected?

Step 1:

  • An expert jury  made up of the DW team will choose the top-three entries from each category.
  • Out of these nine finalists, the jury will further determine the cross-category grand-prize winner of one year internship at Deutsche Welle in Germany.
  • The jury will evaluate the journalistic aptitude of the entries, based on criteria such as clarity, narrative structure and research, innovation, authenticity and originality of the chosen journalistic approach and the chosen story.
  • Decisions of the jury are final and are not subject to legal appeal.

Step 2:

  • All nine winner-entries will then appear on this website for a public online-vote to determine the final ranking for each category. The voting starts on June 22, 2015.

5. What will the best entries get??

  • Grand award :
    • 2 weeks internship at DW in Germany
  • Video Category:
    • 1st award : high-quality video camera,
    • 2nd award : tablet,
    • 3rd award : smartphone
  • Audio Category:
    • 1st award : Marantz recorder,
    • 2nd award : tablet,
    • 3rd award : smartphone
  • Photo Report Category:
    • 1st award : high-quality photo camera,
    • 2nd award : tablet,
    • 3rd award : smartphone

In addition, all nine participants who will have been selected will be invited to attend the awards ceremony to be held in July 2015 in Nairobi.


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