Renowned Kenyan Cartoonist, Gado, in Berlin for re:publica 2016

Godfrey %22Gado%22 Mwampembwa

It’s around that time again of the year when all the best techies from around the world meet up in Berlin, this year is no different and as always Kenyan techies are very well represented. This year however, we have a Kenyan artist joining the Kenyan delegation. SO who should you be expecting at the re:publica this year?

  • Godfrey “Gado” Mwampembwa – yes the famous Gado from the GADO Cartoons and the XYZ Show
  • Nanjira Sambuli – Research Lead at the iHub in Nairobi.  In her other life, she also doubles as a musician.
  • Evans Campbell –  PR & Communications Manager at the iHub in Nairobi, also a blogger
  • Juliet Wanyiri – CEO and founder of Foondi Workshops
  • Michael Gathogo – product designer at Cladlight and founder of Toimart
  • Fatuma Musa Afrah – motivational speaker and activist for refugee rights in Germany
  • Grace Keji – Project Coordinator for #DefyHateNow

Fatuma Musa and Grace Keli aren’t Kenyans, but are affiliated to Kenya as they lived for some time at the refugee camp in Kakuma.

Nanjira Sambuli

Did the names tickle your interest? Here are the sessions you can meet them at:

Mon, 2nd May17:15 to 18:15STAGE 6LOL – Laugh Out Loud! African Political Satire in restricting political contextsGodfrey "Gado" Mwampembwa, Siyanda Mohutsiwa, Layla Al-Zubaidi, Tongai Leslie Makawa, Comrade Fatso, Michael Simbarashe Kudakwashe
Mon, 2nd May14:45 to 15:45STAGE 2Digital colonialism: a global overviewNanjira Sambuli, Renata Avila, Joana Varon, Alan Mills
Mon, 2nd May12:15 to 13:15MAKER SPACEAnalog Electronics: Basic circuits behind all Electronics! Juliet Wanyiri, Victor Yang'a, Rodrigo Pitanga, Melanie Stilz, Victoria Wenzelmann
Thu, 5th May19:45 to 20:15STAGE LGetting Vinyl in Kenyan Basements to Collectors GloballyEvans Campbell
Tue, 3rd May15:30 to 16:00MEETUPS GREENInternet of Things Meet UpJuliet Wanyiri, Max Krüger, Simon Höher,
Tue, 3rd May20:00 to 21:00STAGE TAfricaHackTrip – The MovieMichael Gathogo, Victoria Wenzelmann, Martin Stadler
Tue, 3rd May15:00 to 16:00STAGE 4Forderungen an die PolitikFatuma Musa, Barbara Hendricks
Tue, 3rd May12:30 to 13:00STAGE 4Opportunities for women newcomersFatuma Musa, Paula Schwarz
Wed, 4th May16:15 to 17:15STAGE 4The Good, the Bad and the ZeroNanjira Sambuli, Lea Gimpel, Kudzai M Mubaiwa, J. Carlos Lara, Cathleen Berger
Wed, 4th May17:30 to 18:30STAGE 4Hardware for the Masses Juliet Wanyiri, Federico Musto, Simon Höher
Wed, 4th May11:15 to 12:15STAGE 4Top 5 things wrong with policy frameworks for innovation and entrepreneurship and how to fix themNanjira Sambuli, Georgia Nicolau, Martín Restrepo, Jay Fajardo
Wed, 4th May12:30 to 13:30STAGE 4Innovation in Refugee CampsGrace Keji, Ana Laura Santos, Kilian Kleinschmidt, Marlen de la Chaux, Katharina Dermühl



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